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Call 516-621-6689 contact the Law Office of Ilene H. Cohen Esq. to obtain per diem legal services.

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Virtual and Live provides attorney coverage to law firms for New York court appearances. We have counsel attorneys who are proficient in all aspects of law and who are admitted into both federal and state courts. employs experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who are skilled to handle a motion, hearing, adjournment filling, bankruptcy, examination before trial (EBT), and compensation independent medical exam (IME). We also have years of experience with appeals, conferences, and depositions.

By standing in on your law firm's behalf for routine legal matters, we can help you manage your busy court calendar of court appearances and hearings can save you time from having to search for an attorney to take your place. You will never have to worry about missing a court appearance or "busting" a deposition again with standing by. We guarantee coverage every time and with less than a day's notice, too. We have numerous "of counsel" attorneys waiting to be assigned their next temporary case.

Receiving coverage from is fast and easy. Simply email or fax us your case requirements and the date and time we are expected to be there. We will then contact you promptly with the confirmation of your request.

You can also feel free to call our office at 516-621-6689 to follow up at any time. After the assignment is complete, our office will send you a report of the day's proceedings. can help relieve stress from a large workload at more affordable prices than having to hire someone new at your firm.



·         Preliminary Conferences

·         Compliance Conferences

·         Pre-Trial Conferences

·         Inquests

·         Traverse Hearings

·         Motions

·         Framed Issues

·         50-H, EBTs

·         Arbitrations

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