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Call 516-621-6689 to contact the Law Office of Ilene H. Cohen Esq. to obtain per diem legal services.

New York Court Appearances is admitted to practice law in New York state courts and the following federal courts: New York (Eastern & Southern Districts). We provide New York per diem law services in all 62 counties.

Per Diem Attorneys provide coverage for attorneys throughout New York in all five boroughs. As well as Nassau, Suffolk and all counties throughout the state. We have experienced lawyers admitted in both state and federal courts who possess knowledge of all aspects of the law. We can provide you with a trustworthy per diem attorney skilled to cover conferences, EBTs, motions, hearings, adjournments, bankruptcy, physicals (IME), appeals, depositions, per diem criminal matters, and other legal work.

Allow us to be your per diem law asset for managing your court calendar. By choosing Per Diem Attorneys as your New York per diem lawyer source you will never have to worry about missing a court appearance, time wasted searching for coverage, or having to "bust" a deposition. After a lawyer appears on your behalf, you will promptly receive a report regarding the legal work provided.

The law office of Ilene H. Cohen is dedicated to providing NY per diem law services to law firms in need of assistance with conferences, appeals, EBTs, motions, adjournments, hearings, bankruptcy, depositions, criminal matters, and more. The attorneys employed by are knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. When you choose you can be certain that an experienced, intelligent lawyer will be filling in for you in court.

We are able to confirm appointments quickly, even when given less than a day's notice.


You can count on to be there for you every time you need coverage in the courtroom.

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